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CCTV shows Delhi Cop Stabbed Repeatedly, Crowd Watched, Did Nothing



A Delhi policeman was stabbed 12 times by a man caught stealing a mobile phone and a crowd failed to stop the attacker or even react, security camera footage shows. The 57-year-old constable, Shambhu Dayal, died four days later, on Sunday.

The horrific video from January 4 shows Shambhu Dayal being stabbed repeatedly as a large number of people watch from a safe distance.

The video starts with the policeman walking with the alleged thief, Anish Raj, whom he had just caught from slums in Mayapuri in west Delhi.

A woman had complained to the police that Anish had stolen her husband’s phone and threatened them.

When Shambhu Dayal reached the spot, the woman pointed Anish to him. The police constable reportedly found the stolen phone on him.

As Anish was being taken to the police station, he took out a knife hidden in his clothes and plunged it into the policeman’s back.

The video shows Anish stabbing Shambhu Dayal on his neck, chest and stomach. The constable fights back, and Anish falls, then runs off, the crowd chasing him this time.

The wounded policeman, seen keeling over in pain, was taken to hospital.

Another policeman in the area overpowered Anish and arrested him.

The policeman, who was from Sikar in Rajasthan, was a father of three – a son, and two daughters.

The Delhi Police paid tribute to Shambhu Dayal, praising him for not letting the thief escape.

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