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Ian Botham To Nehru Suiting: Meghalaya Poll Candidates’ Names Hard To Beat



Meghalaya’s 60 Assembly segments are going to polls tomorrow, and the list of candidates has quite a few interesting names.

There is Generous Paslein, an Independent candidate from Nartiang in West Jaintia Hills, and Moonlight Pariat, fielded by United Democratic Party (UDP) in Jowai in the same district.

At Raliang, also in West Jaintia Hills district, the ruling National People’s Party has fielded senior leader Coming One Ymbon. In Amlarem constituency, the BJP has fielded Firstborn Manner, named so because he was the first child of his parents.

At Jirang in Ri Bhoi district, Sunmoon Marak is the candidate for RPI(A), the party led by Union Minister Ramdas Athawale. In the same constituency, Forcaster Nongrang is contesting as an Independent.

The UDP has fielded Sunshine Makri at Umsning, also in Ri Bhoi district. The BJP candidate from Mawryngkneng in East Khasi Hills has a unique name too — Highlander Kharnalki.

As officials gear up for the polling process, Process T Sawkmie, the UDP candidate from Mawlai, is also getting ready for the big day. So is Brightstarwell Marbaniang from the Voice of People’s Party.

At Mawphlang in East Khasi Hills district, the People’s Democratic Front has fielded Auspicious Lyngdoh Mawphlang.

The Congress candidate from Pynursla is Nehru Suiting and the BJP’s choice from Mawkynrew is Counselor Mukhim.

That’s not all.

The Congress candidate in Mawthadraishan is Fourteenson Lyngkhoi. And the UDP candidate at Nongstoin in West Khasi Hills district is Polestar Nongsiej.

In this clash of names, the Trinamool Congress is not far behind either. Sounder Cajee is the party’s pick for Mawkyrwat in South West Khasi Hills district.

The NPP has fielded Ian Botham K Sangma, named after the renowned English cricketer, from Salmanpara in South West Garo Hills district. The BJP’s Chokpot candidate is called Novembirth Ch Marak.

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