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In Break From Campaigning, Tripura Chief Minister Performs Surgery



Tripura Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha today performed a successful dental surgery at a medical college, just seven months after he took the constitutional post. He conducted an oral cystic lesion surgery on a 10-year-old boy at his old workplace in Hapnia.

Dr Saha is an eminent maxillofacial surgeon in Tripura.

He received a rousing welcome from his former colleagues as he entered the Tripura Medical College at 9 am today for the surgery. After performing a successful surgery, he came out of the operation theatre at around 9.30 am with a smile on his face.

Dr Saha was the head of the Oral and Maxillofacial department at the Tripura Medical College before taking charge as the chief minister of the state.

Speaking to the media, Dr Saha said, “I had decided that this morning I shall not get occupied with any administrative or political works but shall get back to the operation theatre. It was a great feeling to return to my original profession to help patients as a doctor.”

“It is very comforting. It is where I spent more than 20 years. I have conducted the operation after many months yet there was no problem,” he said.

He also said that the patient Akshit Ghosh, son of Sukanta Ghosh, is in good condition post-surgery.

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