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In Kerala’s Munnar, Temperature Drops Below 0, First Time This Winter



The temperature in Kerala’s Munnar dropped below zero yesterday for the first time this winter. Nearby areas like Chenduwara and Vattavada also felt colder.

According to local residents, it is very cold from midnight till dawn.

Suresh, a resident of Munnar, said that minus degree temperature is usually reported in December, but this time temperature was normal due to rain.

“This is the first time that Munnar is experiencing such severe cold in this winter season,” he added.

Minus one-degree temperature was recorded in several areas in Munnar, including Kannimala, Chenduwara, Chituwara, Ellapetti, Lakshmi, Sevanmala and Lockat yesterday. Many tourists visited the meadows covered with frost in the morning.

Vattavada, a village on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, also recorded severe cold. On Wednesday morning, the minimum temperature in Vattavada dropped below zero.

Munnar is a hill station in Kerala’s Idukki district where minus degree temperatures are usually recorded in December. Many tourists are visiting Munnar to enjoy the extreme cold.

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