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Madhya Pradesh To Tax Pet Dog Owners For “Security, Cleanliness”



Dog owners in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar city will soon be taxed, a first in the state, after over 40 councilors unanimously decided to do so for the “security and cleanliness” of the city residents.

Once framed by the Sagar Municipal Corporation, in consultation with legal experts, the new law will come into effect as early as April this year.

Sagar municipal commissioner Chandrashekhar Shukla backed the decision claiming a “rising stray dog menace” in the city.

“In the wake of rising stray dog menace and dirtying of public places by defecation of pet dogs, all the municipal wards of Sagar have unanimously resolved for strict registration, vaccination of dogs as well as levying tax on those owning the pet dogs,” Mr Shukla said.

Pet dog owners however feel that the tax is unjustified. Lavesh Chowdhary, who has a rottweiler, argued that the city should provide dog owners with a space to relieve the dogs instead. “This is wrong. We keep dogs for safety. If the corporation wants us to pay tax for keeping dogs, they should give us a garden or space where we can relieve them.”

Another resident who owns a labrador called the tax “ridiculous”. “The owner keeps the dog in his house and gets it vaccinated. The municipal corporation should look after the stray animals. For those who are already domesticated, it’s unfair to ask for tax for them,” Vinod Sen said.

In the general meeting of the Sagar Municipal Corporation, 48 councilors unanimously decided to impose the tax for “security and cleanliness”.

Sagar Municipal corporation chairman Vrindavan Ahirwar said, “The councilors of the city unanimously decided to impose tax on dog owners. The tax is not a big thing for the municipal corporation but it’s essential for the safety and health of the people.”

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