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Mamata Banerjee’s “Charity Begins At Home” Jibe At BJP Over Agencies



West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today hit out at the BJP over a number of issues, including alleged misuse of central agencies and government funds for key schemes, during a public meeting in Murshidabad district. She did not even spare the CPI(M) and Congress in her scathing speech in the district which is home to Bengal Congress chief, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury.

Claiming that central agencies were being misused against the Opposition, she defended her party minister – who faced an Income Tax raid a few days ago – and said, “Our Jangipur MLA, Jakir Hussain, is a businessman. If someone has done something wrong, then they will be punished accordingly. But since he is a Trinamool leader, he is being attacked.”

“Before sending agencies to raid others, BJP should look at themselves. Charity begins at home. First, ask ED, CBI, and IT department to investigate BJP leaders,” she said.

She also claimed the ideological opposites – Congress, BJP and CPI(M) are allying covertly. “‘Ram-Baam-Shyam’ have joined hands to torment Bengal. While they are trying to attack me, they are torturing the women of our State. They are torturing our farmers, our artisans, our workers, and our students. Are you not ashamed?”

This time, she tagged the Congress with the other two opposition parties in West Bengal, She has been using ‘Ram-Bam’ for the BJP and Left to suggest they are working together.

Murshidabad has a sizeable minority population and is one of the last remaining areas of Congress influence and is an area that has seen a contest between the Congress and Trinamool Congress.

She also accused the Union Government of withholding funds for key schemes like the 100-day job guarantee scheme and the PM Awas Yojana. “If someone feels that the amount that we are owed is the BJP’s personal fund, then they are wrong. Let me make this clear, if the Centre feels that it can take away the money of the poor and attack the Opposition, they will not succeed. We will not allow such undemocratic behaviour,” she said.

“I am not making any political comment here. I am only asking for the amount we deserve under the 100 Days’ Work Scheme for our workers. When will they get their due? Both the BJP and the CPI(M) will have to answer this question,” she added.

“Those who have stopped the funds for a 100 Days’ Work Scheme, think that they will not release the funds for ‘Banglar Bari’. We have discarded 17 lakh names from the PMAY list that were added through illicit means. BJP workers have also added the names of their leaders in the PMAY beneficiary list. We have documents to prove this misappropriation,” the Trinamool Congress chief said.

Taking on the BJP, Mamata Banerjee further said,”Is the BJP trying to show its strength? Let me tell you that this power will not remain forever. You will become a ‘Big Zero’ once you lose power.”

She also targeted the party over ‘bulldozers’ which have entered the political discourse for their use, especially in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh. “I am not in favour of bulldozers but those who bulldoze democracy I want to tell them that it will not be a bulldozer for bulldozer. In place of bulldozers, you will face closure. I am saying this on the soil of Murshidabad,” she said.

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