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Mumbai Teen Steals Jewellery With Boyfriend To Fund Birthday Party



A case of theft has been registered against a girl and her boyfriend after she allegedly handed over her family’s jewellery to him to get money to celebrate their common birthday.

To save herself and him, she also tried to frame up another friend of hers, a minor, by accusing him of blackmail, Assistant Commissioner of Police Nilesh Sonawane told reporters on Wednesday.

On January 7, the teenage girl approached the Kapurbawdi police in the city with a complaint that her boyfriend had clicked her obscene pictures and blackmailed her for money. She was compelled to steal jewellery from her house and hand it over to him, she told police.

The boy initially told the police that he sold off her jewellery.

But probe revealed that no such sale of jewellery had taken place. The CCTV footage of the concerned shop had no footage of the boy.

Eventually police found out that the girl had, in fact, given the jewellery to another boyfriend for birthday celebration, and cooked up the blackmail story to save him.

This boyfriend, who is 18 years old and with whom she shares birthday, allegedly sold the jewellery in Manpada area for Rs 53,000 and funded their party.

Police arrested him and also the jeweller who purchased the ornaments knowing well that they were stolen goods.

A case under Indian Penal Code sections 380 (theft in a dwelling house) and 411 (receiving stolen property) has been registered, said senior inspector Uttam Sonavane of Kapurbawdi police station.

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