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Pee-Gate: Air India Gets Notice From Regulator Over 2 Unruly Passengers



Air India, which recently made headlines after two drunken passengers were caught urinating on co-passengers or vacant seats, has been sent a notice by aviation controller DGCA. The notice was about the two incidents of passenger misbehaviour onboard a Paris-New Delhi flight last month. A drunk passenger had urinated on the vacant seat and blanket of a woman passenger and another, also inebriated, was caught smoking in the lavatory.

On November 26, a drunk man urinated on an elderly woman in the business class of the airline’s New York-New Delhi flight.

Air India did not report any of these incidents before they made headlines.

Calling the airline’s response “lackadaisical and delayed”, the regulator asked the Air India manager to show cause why action should not be taken against them. The airline has been given two weeks to respond.

An airline is bound to report any incident immediately, said the aviation safety regulator. But Air India “didn’t report the incident until DGCA sought the incident report from them on 05.01.2023,” the DGCA said in a statement.

The airline’s response last week made it clear that Air India did not comply with the “provisions related to handling of an unruly passengers as per DGCA,” the statement read.

When the Air India Paris-Delhi flight of December 6 landed, the airport security was informed that a passenger was under the influence of alcohol. He was not following the instructions of the cabin crew, and later peed on a blanket of an onboard lady passenger.

The woman, who had initially given a written complaint, refused to file a police case. So the passenger was allowed to go by the airport security. The matter was reported in the aftermath of the shocking case of the New York-Delhi flight, which has set off outrage across the country.

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