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Top 10 Economic Trends Of 2023 Explained In Graphics



Dr Prannoy Roy discusses the top 10 economic forecasts for 2023 with Ruchir Sharma, Founder of Breakout Capital and Chairman of Rockefeller International. According to Mr Sharma, inflation this year is likely to remain stickier and as the world slows, so will India. He also predicts that the rupee’s depreciation is likely to slow down as the dollar has peaked against most major currencies.

Here are the top 10 trends explained in graphics:

Trend 1: The Long Grind

Trend 2: Peak Dollar

Trend 3: America Down, Rest Of The World Up

Trend 4: Tech Shrinks

Trend 5: Less Money Better TV

Trend 6: Japan Is Back

Trend 7: Outsourcing Outside China

Trend 8: Return Of Orthodoxy

Trend 9: Relief From Elections

Trend 10: Blue Birds

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