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Vice President Calls For Mass Movement Against Parliamentary Disruptions



Expressing “pain” over the Parliamentary disruptions, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Wednesday called on the people, especially the youth, for a mass movement to generate a climate and public opinion against such conducts in the “temple of democracy”.

He clarified that his appeal is non-partisan and is not concerning stakeholders in politics, but for the welfare of the nation.

“I want to share with you my pain as well. Dr Ambedkar had a key role to play in drafting our constitution, it was debated for three years in the constituent assembly, there was dialogue, debate, discussion and deliberation. They had tough tasks before them, there were several contentious issues, there were divergent views and there were difficulties in having a common opinion,” Mr Dhankhar said.

Addressing an event here, he said, despite all this, the Constituent Assembly did not have a single disturbance or disruption, no one came to the well or shouted slogans or showed placards.

“When such great work can be done by those who gave us the constitution, in the interest of the country, what is the difficulty, that we are not able to follow their conduct? We should do it,” he added.

The VP was addressing the birth centenary celebrations of Dr M S Ramaiah, a renowned educationist, philanthropist, infrastructure visionary, industrialist, and a pioneer in creating several landmark infrastructure projects in the country, especially Karnataka.

Noting that as the Chairman of Rajya Sabha, what he sees is a cause of concern for all, he said crores of public money is spent for every minute of session in Rajya Sabha.

“Rajya Sabha is the platform to hold the government, the executive accountable, but disturbance and disruption happens there, what is more worrying is that you (people) are not bothered about it,” he said.

Observing that there has to be a mass movement, Mr Dhankhar said, “we are there in Rajya Sabha and Parliament to ensure that the destiny of the nation is on the right track, we have to exemplify our conduct, which everyone can emulate and follow. We don’t want our boys and girls to follow disruptions, appreciate shouting slogans and showing placards.”

“So my appeal to you is, to generate a climate and public opinion, use every medium that is available, so that we persuade, we plead with folded hands and request our parliamentarians that in the temple of democracy our conduct must make us proud, which is for the development of the country,” he said, adding that he was leaving this thought with youngsters with a lot of hope.

Karnataka Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot, and Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister J C Madhuswamy were among others present at the event.

Pointing out that youth are the future of the country, the Vice President said, every year till 2047, when India has to climax as a world leader in every aspect, whether economy or other, “you have to be vigilant.” “I’m sure that young friends will take note of my appeal which is non-partisan, not concerning stakeholders in politics. My appeal is because we are stakeholders in the growth of the nation, in governance, so that the preamble of the constitution given by Dr Ambedkar is realised,” he added.

The Vice President’s remarks come in the wake of the recent stormy session of the Parliament, which witnessed frequent disruptions on a host of issues including a demand for a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) on the Adani-Hindenburg issue.

Further, highlighting the achievements made by India economically, in infrastructure and technology, and in education and health, Mr Dhankhar asked, “Why should we allow few people to tarnish, taint, downsize, degrade, achievements of our hardworking people? I call upon you to think about it…” Pointing out that India is on the rise like never before and the rise of the country is unstoppable, and the entire world is recognising it, he said thanks to the visionary steps and affirmative governmental policies at all levels, there is no doubt that by the turn of the decade we will be the third largest economy on the planet.

He called on everyone to take pride in being Indian, keep the nation first and be proud of the country’s achievements.

Referring to the National Education Policy, the VP called it a “game changer” and said it will revolutionise the education system, by making students skill-oriented.

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