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Video: Delhi Man Dragged For Half-A-Kilometre On Car Bonnet



For half a kilometre, a man was dragged on the bonnet of a car careening through a crowded West Delhi neighbourhood on Thursday in an incident that comes just two weeks after the shocking hit-and-drag killing of a young woman in the capital city.

According to witnesses, the incident, which took place in the Rajouri Garden area, was sparked by road rage. Harvinder Kohli, the victim, clung to the car’s windshield wipers as he was dragged on the hood of the accused’s vehicle.

According to the police, the altercation began when Mr Kohli’s friend Jayaprakash, who was driving a car, overtook the accused’s car and honked from behind. In retaliation, the accused blocked their path and engaged in an argument that quickly turned violent. Mr Kohli, who attempted to intervene, was also struck by the accused.

As the fight subsided, the accused’s father allegedly suggested using the car to hit Mr Kohli. The accused then rammed his car into Mr Kohli, who managed to grab hold of the windshield wipers, the police said. The car then drove for nearly 500 metres with Mr Kohli still on the hood, before being chased down and cornered by other vehicles. At this point, the accused fled the scene.

Mr Kohli claimed that when he tried to register a complaint with the police, despite having CCTV footage, he was made to sent around in circles and asked to write it four times before any action was taken. He also accused the police of attempting to cover up the incident and strike a forced settlement.

Citing the recent hit-and-drag incident in Delhi’s Kanjhawala that resulted in the gory death of Anjali Singh, Mr Kohli and Jayaprakash said that their lives were put in danger during this incident and have criticized the police for not taking the matter seriously.

The police have denied any lapses and have said that a case has been registered and that the accused are currently being interrogated.

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