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Video: Women Fight In Ghaziabad Apartment Complex Over Ban On Stray Dogs



Shocking visuals of women pulling no punches have gone viral after an altercation over street dogs snowballed into a full-blown fight at a residential society in Ghaziabad.

According to police, the clash broke out when a group of dog lovers at River Heights Society opposed the management decision to remove stray dogs from the campus.

The dogs were reportedly being put into jute bags to be taken out of the society. Dog lovers led by Poonam Kashyap opposed the move and an argument started. Soon, the altercation led to a fight.

One of the videos shows a group of women pulling Ms Kashyap by the hair and then hitting her. In another visual, she is seen slapping a man.

Subodh Tyagi, president of the Residents’ Welfare Association, has alleged that it was Poonam Kashyap who started the fight. Ms Kashyap, who has claimed that she is associated with an animal welfare organisation, has made several allegations against Mr Tyagi.

Senior police officer Alok Dubey has said they are probing the matter in detail.

This clash comes against a backdrop of several incidents of dog bite in the Delhi-NCR region. A section of residents has protested against animals on campus, citing several instances of dogs attacking people in elevators and other spaces.

The incidents have also prompted civic bodies to issue advisories. The Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation has banned residents from keeping three dog breeds considered ferocious — Pit Bull, Rottweiler and Dogo Argentino — as pets. The advisory lays down several other guidelines, including a requirement for a licence and a cap of only one pet dog per family.

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