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Watch – “He Will Regret This”: Rajasthan BJP MP Threatens Senior Cop



A BJP lawmaker in Rajasthan was seen threatening police officials for calling some of his supporters for questioning in a shootout case. “Their (Congress) regime will end in nine months. And then they will ( the police) regret their actions,” said the MP as barricades stopped him and his supporters from entering the police station.

Alwar MP Baba Balaknath, flanked by his supporters, then issued a direct threat to the deputy superintendent of police, Anand Rao. “He will regret this all his life. I won’t let this man live in peace all his life.” His threats were met with requests to calm down from a police officer, a video showed.

“We will spare no one. I will make sure they are punished 100 per cent,” said the MP as his supporters cheered for him.

Anand Rao was present at the station at the time of the incident.

Baba Balaknath reached the Behror police station early Sunday morning after four people were called in for questioning. An accused in the shootout case had pointed to his supporters’ link with a local criminal.

One of the four men called in for questioning is a Congress supporter, police said. Local congress leaders also met with the police.

The man, Romi, said the men met with the criminal ahead of the incident on January 5.

The gunfight happened at a hospital in Alwar where three men attacked a gangster.

Romi was caught on the spot while the other two managed to flee.

“Romi told us that a car came at Ramphal’s house on the 4th with some supporters of Baba Balaknath in it. He said they gave Ramphal a packet,” said Mr Rao.

“So, we called these people to check if they had any links with the criminal before or after the incident,” he said. “They were let go before the MP came here and were told they could be called again if the probe demands it,” Mr Rao added.

“But, the MP came here and asked how did we have the audacity to call his supporters to the police station. Of course, we will investigate them under the purview of the law,” he said.

Baba Balaknath left the police station after speaking to the director general of the police of Rajasthan who assured him of a fair investigation within five days.

“We will sort it out, don’t worry,” said Baba Balaknath after speaking to the top cop. “We will ensure the salvation of everyone if they don’t solve this within five days,” he said, in what appeared to be an oblique threat.

The incident has angered the locals who came out on the streets against the MP today. They burnt his effigy and said police officials should work without any pressure.

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