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Watch: In Midnight Raid, Bihar Cops Thrash Farmers Sleeping At Home



Chilling police brutality that would have made the British East India Company proud was caught on camera in Bihar’s Buxar district on Wednesday, where dozens of policemen raided farmers sleeping in their homes and beat them up viciously with canes in the middle of the night.

The police crackdown was against a group of farmers who had been on protest for over two months, demanding better rates for their land being acquired by a state-run hydroelectric company in the district’s Chausa block, the residents of Banarpur village have said.

The police said they were attacked by the farmers first, a claim that the farmers have denied. In CCTV footage released by the farmers, the group of policemen are seen milling outside one of the homes before launching the assault.

Cellphone video recorded by those getting attacked inside one of the houses showed policemen mercilessly beating people, including women, and breaking down doors.

The farmers said the attack was led by Amit Kumar, a senior officer at the Mufassil police station, who was responding to a complaint filed by the SJVN power plant.

The police are yet to explain why they had gone to respond to a complaint against a demonstration at midnight after the farmers had gone home.

The farmers said they had been protesting peacefully against the company for a new round of land acquisition for the project at rates decided some 12 years ago.

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